Casagranda's Steakhouse

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       Casagranda's Famous Steaks

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Filet Mignon- 12 oz.

Petite Filet Mignon- 8 oz.  

New York Strip- 14 oz.

T-bone- 24 oz.

Rib-Eye- 18 oz.

Top Sirloin- 16 oz.

Prime Rib- 16 oz. (Friday & Saturday Only, while it lasts)


Steak Toppers

Oscar Style- Crab and asparagus with our béarnaise  sauce

Black & Bleu- crusted with Bleu cheese crumbles

Au Poivre- Encrusted with  cracked black peppercorns & topped with our Green peppercorn demi-glaze.

Drunken-Smothered in our rich whiskey demi-glaze

Fungi- Smothered in our sautéed mushrooms (pictured above)


Made to Perfection

Blue Rare- Charred outside/Cold centre

Rare– Charred outside/warm centre

Medium Rare– Still red in the centre

Medium– Pink all through

Medium Well– Some pink in the centre

Well– Cooked throughout