Casagranda's Steakhouse

& Guido's Bar

Welcome to Casagranda's Steakhouse

and Guido's Bar in the historic Bertoglio Warehouse of Uptown Butte, Montana!

     This historical building, constructed in 1900, stands today as a symbol of the rugged strength and determination of this great community.  The warehouse closed in 1975, and the business was moved to the Industrial Park south of town.  Keeping with the strong determination of the Butte people, it has come alive again through the Casagranda family and their steakhouse, so as not only to reflect the past, but the future as well.

     In the beginning, Casagranda's Steakhouse started by placing special emphasis on our seasoned, hand cut, Rocky Mountain grown beef, which, as you will see, speaks for itself! Our goal then turned to creating a more diversified menu.  It is with great pride our   family presents to you today a menu filled with great Steaks made to order pastas, chicken sauteés, mouth-watering seafood, appetizers, enticing desserts, and the most recent addition... Sushi! All entrees are specially prepared with the finest fresh ingredients. We also offer homemade breads, hearty soups, and crisp house salads served with our own homemade dressings that will leave you feeling completely satisfied. 

     We invite you to visit and experience our philosophy of welcoming you not as a customer but as a part of our extended family. Come share in our casual atmosphere, accompanied by friendly presentations of foods, or some spirits and fine wines from our very own Guido's Bar

We hope you enjoy your visit to our new website. Discover our catering offerings for your next event, or consider becoming a member and take advantage of monthly coupons and kitchen tips sent right to your email. Leave a guestbook signature and tell us about your experience, or just take a gander at our pictures and menu options or drink menus before you come.  Most importantly, we hope to see you at the restaurant!

-The Casagranda's